2008 Line-up

Dead Meadow – Los Angeles via DC
The Black Angels – Austin, TX
Koolaid Electric Company – UK
Miranda Lee Richards (acoustic) – Los Angeles
Restaurant – Victoria, TX
Eskimo Hunter – Los Angeles
Lower Heaven – (featuring Marcos Diableros of Spindrift) – Los Angeles
Mezzanine Owls – Los Angeles
War Paint – Redmond, WA
Hopewell – NYC
Mere Mortals – Los Angeles
Cuchillo -Barcelona
Federale – Portland, OR
Sundown Machine – Portland, OR
He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – Los Angeles
Swoon 23 – Portland, OR
CB Brand (acoustic) – Los Angeles
LSD and The Search For God -San Francisco
Fauna Valetta – San Francisco
Silver Rockets (featuring Paul Dillon of Mercury Rev, Longwave and Lotus Crown) – NYC
Highway (acoustic) – Portland, OR

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